KEY Handmade Rewards

How do I join KEY Handmade Rewards?

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, create a store account to join today.

How do I earn points?

Create a Store Account

Get 100 points as a welcome bonus (Create account now!)
Make a Purchase Get 10 points for every $1 USD you spend (excluding any shipping fees, taxes & discounts)
Refer a Friend Get 500 points for every new referral that successfully completes a first-time purchase (Refer now!)
You may also earn more points from KEY Handmade promotions or marketing campaigns.  Stay tuned!
We may update the points earning requirement from time to time without prior notice.  Please log in to your account to check out the latest offers.

What kind of rewards do I get?

Rewards are issued as coupons.
Points Rewards
500 $1 USD Off
1,000 $5 USD Off
1,800 $10 USD Off
2,500 $20 USD Off
4,000 Free Shipping (retail purchase only)

We may update the rewards and points required from time to time without prior notice.  Please log in to your account to check out the latest offers.

How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?

Log in to your store account and go to the Redeem Rewards Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.

How do I use my rewards?

Rewards are issued as coupon codes that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one coupon code per order).

What are the fees?

No fees at all. Joining KEY Handmade Rewards is absolutely free. There is no membership fee, no annual fee, no handling fee, no redemption fee. Simply create an account for free and start earning points now!

Why do you collect information for creating account?

We ask for name, email address and password for creating an account.  The information provided for creating account will be kept strictly confidential and used for processing your orders and for our shop promotional purposes.  For detailed privacy policy, click here.

What if there are disputes, e.g. about the amount of points added / deducted?

In case of any disputes about KEY Handmade Rewards, the decision of KEY Handmade shall be final.

Other questions?

Email your questions to