About Us

KEY Handmade is an online seller of craft supplies and handmade products based in Hong Kong.
KEY Handmade started with selling handmade accessories.  While searching for fasteners for making bow ties, Key, the founder of KEY Handmade, found it very hard to get the right ones for her project.  Recognizing the difficulties in finding the right supplies for handmade projects, KEY Handmade started selling various bow tie hardware and other sewing supplies in 2013 and continued adding in other craft supplies afterwards.  Since then, KEY Handmade has helped many handmade business owners to produce parts and hardware for their projects.
If you like hand-making stuffs, you can find high quality supplies from KEY Handmade. Some supplies are packaged in combination set to reduce your pain in searching for various parts from different places for your handmade projects. Remember you can always contact us to customize your order too!
Hand-making is definitely much more time-consuming than factory-made, but the human touch is irreplaceable. And we hope to promote it by providing the parts and tools necessary.
Other business line:
Circle Tape
Journaling and paper craft supplies online shop
Ceramics by Key
Handmade ceramics by Key Lau.