Write a 5-star Review and Get Coupon

Who is eligible?

Selected customers who have been invited and received the invitation card (with the image as above) from us with the order.

How to get the coupon?

You will receive an email from KEY Handmade (with email address reviews@yotpo.com) asking for your review on your purchase.  Submit a review with 5 stars.  After we received your review, we will send you an email with the coupon code, typically within 7 days.

I wrote a 5-star review. Why did I not get any coupon?

We are probably processing your case and it normally takes 7 days for us to send you the coupon.  If you have waited longer than that, send us an email (info@keyhandmade.com) to make sure it is on its way.

Only customers who received the invitation card with their order are eligible for this promotion event.  If you received the card in your previous order but not the current order, you are unfortunately not eligible for the promotion event this time.

What kind of coupon will I get?

You will get a 5% off coupon for your next purchase to be made within 6 months.  Each coupon can only be used once and cannot be used with other coupons.

How do I use the coupon?

When you make your next purchase, type in the coupon code at checkout.  The coupon expires within 6 months after it is issued.  

What if there are disputes about the promotion?

We endeavour to resolve any question you may have.  However, in case of any disputes, the decision of KEY Handmade shall be final.

Other questions?

Email your questions to info@keyhandmade.com.