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Bow Tie Hardware - Ribbon T-Hook and Loop

Bow Tie Hardware - Ribbon T-Hook and Loop

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This ribbon T-hook set is the essential component for making ladder style fastening straps for bow ties.  Ladder style straps are commonly used in branded bow ties (see last photo).  Using this ribbon T-hook set will make your bow ties look professionally made!  The hardware set can also be used to make adjustable straps for neckties.

Each set of bow tie hardware includes a piece of ribbon, a piece of loop part and a piece of T-hook part.  Ribbon comes with two versions of numbering for you to choose from -- 13 3/4 to 18 or 14 1/2 to 20, both with 1/4 interval, the holes are 1/2 inch apart.

  • Color:
    (Loop, T-hook) Black or Silver
    (Ribbon) Black or White
  • Size:
    (Loop) 19mm (3/4") inside
    (T-hook) 13mm (1/2") inside
    (Ribbon, if you choose 13 3/4 to 18): 25mm x 340mm
    (Ribbon, if you choose 14 1/2 to 20): 25mm x 370mm
  • Material:
    (Loop, T-hook): Metal
    (Ribbon): Polyester

Color may vary slightly from photos due to factors such as display settings.

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